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Disney Vacations on a Budget

Even though the kids are back in school and you're probably elbow-deep in work, it doesn't mean you can't start planning your Disney vacations for the next year. Your kids were asking you all summer about Disney vacations and you didn't think too much of it, mostly because of the economy and how tight money has been. But things improve and, with that, your ability to find cheap Disney vacations improves so that you can make their wishes come true. In fact, now is the perfect time to plan that summer Florida visit and grab some of that Disney magic with your little ones. One of the best ways to save money while showing the kids the wonderful world found at the Walt Disney World Resort is to stay in nearby Kissimmee, Florida. Minutes away from Central Florida attractions, dining, shopping and more, Kissimmee is the perfect place to stay in if you want to keep cash in your bank account.

Of course, if you prefer to give your kids the full Disney vacations experience, you can always check the packages offered that include hotel stays at one of the resorts on Disney property. The Disney's Contemporary and the Polynesian have been at the Walt Disney World Resort since the Magic Kingdom Park was built in 1971. Over the years, however, there have been many beautiful, majestic resorts added to the roster at Disney to make up the list of twenty-one resorts, including the All-Star Movie Resort, the Boardwalk Inn, the Grand Floridian and the Fort Wilderness Resort. All resorts in Disney add a special kind of magic to your stay, following in the tradition of the parks by having a theme. They keep the Disney magic around from morning to evening with character breakfasts, shows in the resorts and rooms and buildings that capture the magical feeling of being at the Walt Disney World Resort.

Helping you make smart choices for lodging during your travel with the very best in Orlando lodging, the Internet is ultimately the best place to look for deals on cheap Disney vacations. The packages generally include tickets for the parks as well as hotel. Sometimes, you can even find packages that not only include Disney vacations tickets, but also Universal Studios tickets or tickets to other parks. And in some cases, you can find packages that include things like car rentals, dining offers and, in rare cases, even deals on flights.

Some of the most affordable Disney vacations packages include great vacation home lodging in Kissimmee. A bustling tourist town with hundreds of restaurants, hotels and attractions of its own to cater to every age group, Kissimmee is only a few minutes from the Walt Disney World Resort. There are many lodging options there. One of the most popular options is vacation home rentals. Vacation home rentals can provide the comfort of home away from home. Some of these homes in the more economical Disney vacations feature many of the amenities of home -- like full-sized, fully furnished rooms, fully equipped kitchens, and in some cases even a pool -- without having to keep yourself and your family in a stuffy hotel room. Kissimmee offers a variety of lodging options for families of all sizes, all of them offered as part of affordable Disney vacations.

There are many Disney vacation packages that offer all the comfort, magic and fun of a Disney vacation without the strain on your time--or your travel budget. It will allow you to take the Disney vacations of your dreams, not just the fun way, but the smart way.