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Planning Fun Disney Vacations

Have you thought lately about a family vacation down to Disneyworld? Disney vacations can be a wonderful time for the entire family, but only if the vacation is properly planned. Flying to Orlando, finding accomodations, and knowing when to visit the park are all very important factors that deserve a little research before making the trip. Well planned Disney vacations can be great fun, but a poorly planned one can lead to frustration for everyone. Make sure you know the ins and outs of Disney ticket prices, hotels, and airline flights. This guide will help you get started planning for Disney vacations.

The first factor to consider when planning for Disney vacations is the cost of the flight down to Orlando. If you live close enough, taking a car might be a suitable alternative. For those that live far away, however, taking a flight will usually be the only option. Flights down to Orlando can be very expensive at times. Getting better prices on flights to Orlando is all about timing. Visit during the wrong time, and you will find yourself paying a real premium for the flight down there. If at all possible, consider taking Disney vacations during the cooler months, when far fewer people are trying to reach Orlando. If this is not an option, there are still ways to save. Find online ticket aggregators and experiment with the options there.

Once you are actually in Orlando, you will need somewhere to stay during Disney vacations. Disney offers a number of accomodations near the theme parks. Prices for stays at a Disney resort may be more expensive than hotels in the surrounding area, but it is usually well worth it to pay this extra cost. Hotels in the surrounding area will be slightly cheaper, but they will also chain you to their bus schedule for theme park visits. Renting a car will defeat the point of staying off the theme park, which is to save money. Disney offers a number of different price points for their resorts, so all families can find an affordable option for their stay.

Another factor that many tend to forget when planning Disney vacations are the actual tickets required to get into the theme parks. The basic ticket plan for Disneyworld will limit you to one park, and does not include water parks. Options such as water park access, or the ability to visit several parks, are extra features that must be added on to the base price. The Magic Pass is also a very handy feature that does not come with standard tickets. Using the Magic Pass, visitors to the park may skip long lines on some rides and ride right away. This is an invaluable feature to have during busier times at the park.

Speaking of busy times, consider taking Disney vacations during the cooler months if at all possible. Lines will be much shorter and hotel rates lower. If this is not possible, consider visiting during the week.

Disney vacations taken during the week will not suffer from quite as much congestion in the parks and in Orlando in general. The weekends are by far the most congested times, and are good to avoid if at all possible.

Be sure to pack appropriately for Disney vacations. This means bringing along plenty of sunscreen, a camera, and water. Anything that will be needed during the trip should be bought beforehand if at all possible. Prices in Orlando and in Disneyworld will be much higher, so it pays to pick up any needed supplies before making the trip.